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    Top 5 Wingers in the World!

    Hello everyone! It has come to my attention that I did not get my Top 5 list right for this article! Allow me to correct that with this update. A dynamic winger is so vital to his teams success. Their ability to beat their man, deliver crosses, and score goals is absolutely necessary. Every player in this list is capable of winning a match all on their own but when paired with other top quality players, they can be absolutely lethal! Without further ado here is my Top 5 Wingers in the World! #5- Raheem Sterling, RW, Manchester City* (Edited, Former Pick: Gareth Bale, RW, Real Madrid) At #5, beating…

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    New To Football?

    What Is The Transfer Window In Soccer? (Beginner’s Guide)

    With the summer rapidly arriving, I wanted to get another article out for my friends who may be new to soccer (or football). You may have heard of the term transfer window in regards to soccer and thought to yourself, “What is a transfer window in soccer? What does that even mean?” Even if you are a more experienced fan, you may have some questions and this post is here to help answer them! The summer is prime time for transfers and after this article, you’ll know why! So what is the transfer window in soccer? Let’s get started. What Is A Transfer? Great question! If you are a fan…