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    American Soccer

    Top 5 Nineteen Year Old American Soccer Players!

    I really enjoyed writing the first part of my young American soccer players series (https://www.topfootytalk.com/2019/05/26/top-5-twenty-year-old-american-soccer-players/), so I decided to write another! Let’s go one year younger and look at the top nineteen year old Americans that seem poised to break out as young stars or already are making a name for themselves! Without further ado, let’s get into it. Here are my top five nineteen year old American soccer players. #1- Timothy Weah, ST, PSG (On loan at Celtic) If that last name sounds familiar to any of you, that’s because Tim’s father is legendary Liberian striker George Weah. With such a legendary father Timothy has worked hard to make…

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    American Soccer

    Top 5 Twenty Year Old American Soccer Players!

    Hello my fellow Americans and football fans abroad! Today I will be doing a post highlighting my homeland. As you may know, the United States has not been an international power in soccer/football really ever. However, we Americans have hope. The future looks bright. Young stars are breaking into their MLS teams and others are making waves overseas as well. For this article, let’s take a look at those players who look to be the future for American footy. Here are the top 5 twenty year old American soccer players! #1- Christian Pulisic, RM, Chelsea FC Let’s start with the biggest name for the top 5 twenty year old American…

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    New To Football?

    What Is The Transfer Window In Soccer? (Beginner’s Guide)

    With the summer rapidly arriving, I wanted to get another article out for my friends who may be new to soccer (or football). You may have heard of the term transfer window in regards to soccer and thought to yourself, “What is a transfer window in soccer? What does that even mean?” Even if you are a more experienced fan, you may have some questions and this post is here to help answer them! The summer is prime time for transfers and after this article, you’ll know why! So what is the transfer window in soccer? Let’s get started. What Is A Transfer? Great question! If you are a fan…

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    Arjen Robben To The MLS?

    Hello all! Today we are going to be digging into a transfer rumor that has been flying around. Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben is the target of numerous MLS teams this upcoming summer. With his contract expiring in a few months, Robben can join any team that offers. Having watched Robben play for years now, I would personally love an Arjen Robben to the MLS move. Does it make sense for him though? What teams are interested? Let’s get into it! Why The MLS? It is not a secret that Major League Soccer is hungry for well-known players. Fans of the game in America want to see famous footballers that…