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The history of the Indiana’s game of soccer is fully related to its Association, which beyond to be one of the members of the USSF, shows an impressing amount of participants. The fact that there are 60,000 young players plus more than 3000 adults distributed across 140 clubs in the state has provoked that the sport has achieved an outstanding success in both college, and high school soccer for many years.

All started in the 1960s under the management of the Indiana High School Coaches Association, which got active in the kids soccer in the 1994-1995 season.

Later on, in 1973 soccer started to be seen at the Indiana University, and overtime turned out to be one of the leading exponent in the NCAA championships. The college team showed the awesome sum of 12 participations in the NCAA championship final under the leadership of the university coach Jerry Yeagley, winning 6 of them.

New York City Soccer Teams

New York Red Bulls

New York City FC

National Women's Soccer League

Sky Blue FC

USL Championship

New York Red Bulls II

National Independent Soccer Association

New York Cosmos

New Jersey Teamsters FC

New Amsterdam FC

New York Soccer Field

MSU Soccer Park

Mitchel Athletic Complex

Don Ahern Veterans Memorial Stadium

Hudson Sports Complex, Warwick, New York

Soccer Bar New York

New York West Soccer

New York City Soccer Stadium

New York Soccer Leagues


Broome County Soccer Assoc.

Buffalo & Western NY Junior Soccer League

Central NY Junior Soccer Assoc.

Early Development League

Genesee Youth Soccer League

Livingston Fall Soccer League

Monroe United Recreational Soccer League

Northern NY Soccer League

New York Kids Soccer Club


Super Soccer Stars New York

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