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All You Need To know About The 9v9 Soccer Formations

Playing 9v9 is one of the ways in which young soccer players begin to truly understand positioning, different formations and how to take advantage of the abilities of their teammates. In most of the soccer schools, 9v9 begins at the age of 11 and ends at 13, and later move definitely to 11v11 matches. With such an overemphasis in the 11v11 formations, 9v9 soccer formations are left without the interest that should have. Studying more deeply the best formations can be a huge support to understand the tactics that are used in higher stages. With that in mind, we have put together a resume of the best 9v9 soccer formations.

3-3-2 Soccer Formation

There are formations that can make teams to play according the ability of their players, but it is necessary to know which is the best for your team. First we will talk about the 3-3-2, which is one of the best to teach young players, due its solid structure to attack and defend.

The advantage of this simple formation is that it is easy to understand, and when the ball is lost shows good recovery lines and encourage the action of wide players.

As everything in life the 3-3-2 has its drawbacks, and the most notorious is its weakness in attack that makes it lean on a great deal of support from midfield to achieve attacking success. It also requires the support of the fullbacks for the midfielders.


This formation is naturally a defensive one, and when losing the ball, a team should efficiently recover it and get a compact shape, reducing the area between defense and midfield.


The midfield is the connection of the defense with the attack, and plays the role of support for the only 2 attackers that the formation shows. Also gives a natural channel that is used by the two wide midfielders that are supported by the fullbacks.


The fact that the attackers are normally outnumbered makes this line, the weakest part of the formation, making necessary the strong support of the midfielders. The attackers also should press hardly to recuperate the ball when is lost.

Basics of The 3-3-2

3–1–4–0 9v9 Soccer Formation

The 3-1-4-0 formation is one of the best to develop young player tactics, and strangely it doesn’t show a striker. Some people say that unless your team has a remarkable number 9, you are letting the player in the striker position wandering around there doing nothing, but waiting for balls most of the game. That it is not useful for the kids development, but this formation allows the collective action of the group in both side of the field. Some of the important aspects are for example: runs in the final area of the field to provoke goal scoring chances, or one-twos which are very efficient when using this formation.

It is important to emphasize the idea of collective movement in all areas of the field, no  matter if is on attack or in defense.

2-3-2-1 Football Formation

Final Thoughts about 9v9 Soccer Formations

Every single team in the world has some players who are more developed and some that are not so much. Putting the most developed players in the center of the field will achieve that they will get a better opportunity to be directly involved in the creativity that is necessary to get a good result on the game. Sometimes these players will need a strong support from the fullbacks, due that when they are in a central position have to work much harder that for example the attackers. It is also important to develop defensive skill in the attackers, so they can help the creative players in this aspect of the game. As we said before, the great value of 9v9 games is that help the collective attitude of the team, and help them to understand the basics of positioning.