Messi Net Worth: How Much Is It?

The Messi net worth amount is not disclosed, and estimations are highly speculative, anyways the most reliable information sustain that the Messi fortune reach between 200 and 300 million euros.

The Messi wealth was ranked 2nd between the list of the 100 most popular athletes made by Forbes in 2016 reaching the first place in 2019. The magazine ranked him a couple of years ago between Cristiano Ronaldo who was the first and Ibrahimovic who was considered 3rd by their ranking.

The Lionel’s income comes from 2 sources; one is the juicy salary that he makes from the FC Barcelona, and the other from the sponsors that spend an awesome amount of money to make him the image of their brands. Even though this list can change often, between them we can count:

Gillette, Adidas, Tata,  Huawei, Konami, Pepsi, Audemars Piguet and AirEuropa.

Family of Messi Net Worth

Coming from a working class family in Rosario, Lionel was born on the 24th of june of 1987.His mother Celia Cuccittini, Italian descendent, worked in a workshop that was dedicated to the manufacturing of magnets, and his father with Catalonian and Italian ancestors, worked in a steel factory. From their background we can conclude that they were not a rich family, but a typical Argentinian middle class one.

As is commonly seen in Latin America the nexus between Lionel and his family of origin are very tight, being his father Jorge, the genius kid’s representative from the age of 14, and all his Publicity issues and schedule are supervised by his brother Rodrigo. His other brother Matias, is in charge of all the aspects related to charity.

Messi Net Worth Source

Messi Net Worth, Investments And Tax Fraud Case

Lio’s investments are not specially known, and his preference for a low profile makes that not so many people have knowledge about it. You can find some information of the Real Estate properties that he has in gated communities companies and apartments in his natal Rosario. It is also known the purchasement that the player made in Spain of a luxury hotel. Beyond that the topic is not really of public management.

Messi net worth was questioned by the tax fraud investigation that was made in Spain in 2013, adducing that the player has conspired to hide the real amount of income that he had from sponsorship and other items. Lio declared that he didn’t have knowledge of any wrongdoing, but he was made to pay nearly 5 million Euros in penalties, and also handed 21 month of suspended prison sentence.

Players Fortunes Compared With Messi Net Worth

Number published about the soccer players net worth shows that a couple of years ago the list was started with Cristiano Ronaldo, with 240 million dollars fortune. The second was Lio with 200 million.The list continued with players like Wayne Rooney, Kaka, Neymar,Raul and More. Of course when the list is updated the order of the most richest soccer players in the world varies significantly and top players that are  active normally get a raise in the list.

As we mentioned before the Forbes list of the richest players in the world in the 2019 actually shows Lionel Messi,as the player that is making more money in soccer right now.

Messi Net Worth Recap

After doing some research you can see that the Messi Net worth is not easy to know, because his undeniable preference for a low profile attitude. It is remarkable that an athlete that have achieved such an amazing success from a very young age, have the the piece of mind and humbleness to keep his huge earnings without any ostentation.

Even though he has plenty of sponsors, his life is still mostly private  and it easy to observe that the guy have no interest at all in make news that are not related to his life as a football player.

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