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What Each Premier League Team Needs Part 2! (11-20)

Welcome back to What Each Premier League Team Needs Part 2! If you enjoy this article feel free to share and subscribe. I hope you all enjoyed these because I did! Let’s jump right back into this! (If you missed Part One, click here!)

11. West Ham- Creativity In Midfield

West Ham are a team that flirts with success and then eventually settles for mediocrity. Felipe Anderson has been easily their best player this season. Playing out on the left wing, Anderson has scored 9 and assisted 4 in the Premier League this season for the Hammers. Much of this season he has had to go it alone though because of inconsistent play in the midfield and up top. Manager Manuel Pellegrini likes to play attacking football but West Ham’s midfield is not capable of either scoring or staying healthy. A midfielder who can pick up the ball and make things happen in the final third is exactly what West Ham could have used.

12. Bournemouth- Fullback Depth

When you concede 61 goals and you’re somehow in the middle of the league table, you are either gifted in the attack or lucky. For Bournemouth, it looks like a mix of both. Callum Wilson and Joshua King have both scored over ten goals this season. Ryan Fraser and David Brooks have been fantastic at creating out of midfield. However, the fullback position has not been Bournemouth’s strength this year. A lack of marquee, or even healthy players, would make this my number one priority for them.

13. Crystal Palace- Literally Anyone To Help Wilfred Zaha

Crystal Palace have done an admirable job of keeping their star man, Wilfred Zaha. The only problem is they haven’t put anyone around him to ease the attacking burden he single-handedly carries. Christian Benteke has not panned out and loanee Michy Batshuayi has yet to find his footing with Palace. Another goal scorer would have greatly helped Crystal Palace this past season. This summer, they need to find that player to help Zaha, before he’s gone.

14. Burnley- Youth Talent

Sean Dyche managed Burnley to a fantastic 7th place finish last season. Full credit is deserved for the job he did last season. When I saw that Burnley had ended up qualifying for the Europa League, it made me nervous however. That was reflected in my Premier League table predictions from the start of the season. Burnley have two players 25 and under in their entire squad. They have needed young, fresh legs all season. Hopefully, they prioritize younger players this upcoming window.

15. Newcastle- Wingers

Owner Mike Ashley actually made a big purchase this past January! Bringing in Miguel Almiron gave a much needed boost in the attacking midfield position. Striker Solomon Rondon is a physical, aerial threat for Newcastle. However, his abilities are hindered by the fact that the Magpies only have two wingers in their main squad. Newcastle could have brought in a dynamic, crossing winger and been challenging for the upper half of the league.

16. Southampton- Striker Reinforcements

Danny Ings has not been terrible up top this season for the Saints but he just can’t stay healthy. Southampton would have flourished this past season with another striker of a higher quality than Shane Long waiting in the wings. Quick, counter-attacking football is the Saints preferred style and a striker like Kevin Lasagna of Udinese would have been a great option. I’ll be interested to see if the Saints do anything this summer to strengthen their attack.

17. Brighton- A First-Team Striker

Brighton’s leading scorer this season is 35 year old Glenn Murray. Props to Murray for holding back Father Time, but Brighton need more help because he may not have many seasons left! They have tried to bring Jurgen Locadia and Florin Andone but they need a more dynamic threat. If they are willing to splash some cash, Moussa Marega has been drawing praise with his excellent play for FC Porto. A signing like Marega would have been massive for Brighton this past season.

18. Cardiff City- Emiliano Sala… 🙁

Sadly the very thing Cardiff needed this past season is exactly what they almost had. They needed a more consistent goal scorer and Sala was the player they tabbed to be that man. As we know he was sadly lost in a tragic plane accident. If I was Cardiff, I would have gone for a player like Sala right at the start of the season. A top striker like him could have helped them push out of the relegation zone.

19. Fulham- An Entire Defense

Yikes. I whiffed on my Fulham prediction pretty hard. Apparently splashing over $100 million wasn’t enough to keep them in the Premier League for another season. The Cottagers have conceded 76 goals this season. 76. That is just awful. If they could have gone back I would guess they would put a lot more of that $100 million into their defense.

20. Huddersfield- Someone Who Can Actually Score

The Terriers have played 34 games this season. In those 34 games they have scored 19 goals. Woof. Their leading goal scorers, Aaron Mooy, Karlan Grant, and Mathias Jørgensen have scored three goals each. Only one of those players is a striker. That’s almost painful to write. Huddersfield should have invested in their attack because you sort of need to score goals to win matches.

That’s it for What Each Premier League Team Needs Part 2! Do you agree? Feel free to share and subscribe! Thanks again to Fredrik @F_edits! Let me know what your thoughts are on What Each Premier League Team Needs Part 2! Until next time have a great day and God bless!


  • Kevin Sall

    I agree with many of your points for most of the teams. The one that I would like to comment on is, surrounding certain players with other good players. That might be the most true statement in the article (except for the tragic accident) as well as the fact that if they don’t surround players like Zaha, he likely won’t stick around long. It takes more than one player to make a team, no matter how talented they are.

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