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Racism In Soccer…

Hello again everyone. Today’s article is going to be taking a look at one of the biggest issues in the football world today. Racism in soccer has been especially prevalent recently. It is a hot button issue and frankly is very sobering to hear about. This shouldn’t be an issue and yet it is. Let’s get into it.

What Is Happening?

Racism in soccer is seemingly growing, which is absolutely alarming. This is 2019 and we still have this kind of behavior from fans. Players that are usually of darker skin color are subject to monkey chants and racial slurs being hurled at them all game long. This is an issue that appears to be present all throughout Europe. Recently, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Danny Rose were targeted while on international duty for England. The Three Lions were facing Montenegro and the Montenegrin fans targeted the two players with abuse throughout the match. Keep in mind, this was Hudson-Odoi’s first ever start for England and yet it was marred by abusive racism.

Fellow England teammate Raheem Sterling of Manchester City has become more outspoken about the issue in recent months. He has been vocal about the level of racism in soccer, often citing poor treatment even while playing in the Premier League. Sterling has helped bring increased awareness to the issue and has led the push for change. The fact is that racism is an ugly topic but one we need to discuss.

Where We Fall Short

Yes, I used the word we. All of us can do a better job when it comes to fighting racism. This isn’t just a soccer issue it is a world issue. Just yesterday Moise Kean, an exceptional young talent for Juventus, was the target of racist abuse all match. As the game progressed, Kean scored and proceeded to celebrate in front of the taunting away fans by simply stretching out his arms as if to ask, “Why?” Players from both teams quickly pulled him away in case things got ugly. However, after the match when asked about his actions, both Juventus’ manager, Massimiliano Allegri, and center back, Leonardo Bonucci did not support him. In fact Bonucci said that Kean’s celebration was part of the blame! I don’t know about you but I think that Kean showed a lot of maturity in the face of abuse.

Unfortunately Italian football has carried this nasty reputation. In 2013, Mario Balotelli and Kevin Prince-Boateng were the targets of racist chants throughout a match for AC Milan against Roma (Read more on that incident here). Balotelli turned and put a finger to his lips but the chants continued to rain down. It’s a bad look for Italy and their football fans but this isn’t just their problem. The fact that these kinds of actions don’t lead to severe penalty is why we stand in this position. Racism in soccer has grown because it has been pushed under the rug for too long.

Let’s Put An End To Racism In Soccer

This is an open note to all people. Racism is ugly and disgusting. Nobody wins when race is being mocked or used to bully others. We all bleed red, we all are made up of bones and organs. The only thing different in our skin is the level of pigment. Nobody should be taunted or humiliated because of the amount of pigment they have. It’s ridiculous. Take a stand if you see it and be out spoken against it. Racism in soccer and our world is not okay. Let’s put an end to it.

That’s all I have for today! Let’s take a stand and help put awful things like racism to bed for good. Thanks again to Fredrik for the powerful image. Follow him on Twitter @F_edits. Take a stand everyone, until next time God bless!


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