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Spoiler Alert! 2020 Euro’s Champion Revealed! Plus Tournament Analysis!

Greetings everyone, please be seated as I will be predicting the future with only the powers of my mind. Prepare to be amazed as I predict the winner of the 2020 UEFA European (Euro’s) Football Championship. Fasten your seatbelts because what you are about to read may blow your mind! (Obviously I’m just joking around about knowing the future! However, I am going to give you my prediction here so let’s do this!)


Every four years, UEFA puts on the European Football Championship. In many ways, it is like the World Cup but only for teams in Europe. Rather than 32 teams, the Euro’s has 24. For those of you asking why bother? What’s the point in having a similar style tournament with less teams? One of the main reasons is that fans crave major international competitions and the Euro’s is just one example of this. Just recently the country of Qatar won the 2019 Asian Games. This upcoming summer will be the Gold Cup for North and Central America as well as the Caribbean. In South America, the Copa America tournament happens every two years.

Another great reason for having smaller international tournaments is that smaller countries get a chance to show themselves on a national stage. Think about it, the World Cup is a 32 team tournament with teams from all over the globe. The Euro’s are a 24 team tournament for teams only from Europe! This is great because it gives smaller teams exposure and the chance to chase a major trophy. Countries like the Czech Republic or Greece, who are respectable soccer nations, get a chance to show they belong when they play in the Euro’s. Now that we have all the explanations done, it’s time for the fun part!

Your 2020 Euro Champion Is…

France! Now hold on, before you start calling me uncreative or boring just hear me out. I know picking the most recent winners of the World Cup may seem like a lazy pick but let me explain myself. We are truly witnessing a dynasty in the making when it comes to this French side. There are genuinely no weaknesses to this team. They are like a factory, constantly producing amazing talent. Where their squad is starting to age or may grow old in the near future, they have young replacements waiting in the wings. Honestly France may be my pick for the 2020 Euro’s but I feel just as confident predicting they’ll win the 2022 World Cup and 2024 Euro’s as well! There is just so much depth and youth in this French that I see them dominating world football for years to come.

Teams To Watch!

Obviously it would be ridiculous of me to think that France is the only team capable of winning this tournament, because that is simply not true. Europe is loaded with quality teams and I’m going to give you a look at 5 more teams who could win it all in 2020.


Having finished third in the 2018 World Cup, Belgium will look to put the pieces together and run the table. They are team loaded with talent, especially in the attack. Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne, and Dries Mertens give the Red Devils a potent attack. This is Belgium’s “Golden Generation” of talent and their window is closing, will desperation be what this team needs to reach the top?


Is it finally coming home? England look to follow up an impressive semi-final appearance in the World Cup with some silverware in the summer of 2020. Stars like Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling will look to provide the goals while young stars like Jadon Sancho, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Ryan Sessegnon look to give the Three Lions the spark they need. With the finals being held in Wembley Stadium, there is no telling what could happen if England makes it that far. Will they slip up again as they have in years past? Or will this finally be the tournament where England shakes off the demons and wins it all?

The Netherlands

The return! I’ve already covered the Oranje pretty extensively in an earlier post. With young talent to spare and extra motivation after missing out on the 2016 Euro’s and 2018 World Cup, the Flying Dutchmen could make some major noise in their next international tournament. MAKE ME PROUD BOYS!


After a very disappointing group stage exit in the 2018 World Cup, Die Mannschaft (The Team in German) look to avenge their mistakes and add another trophy to their extensive collection. With the revitalization of Marco Reus, young stars like Timo Werner, and seasoned veterans like Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng, Germany can definitely contend in the summer of 2020. Look out for a hungry German side with a point to prove.


Ever since winning the 2010 World Cup, Spain has struggled in major tournaments. (That’s what you get for beating the Netherlands you bullies.) Inconsistent managers and constant squad changes have left many players with their heads spinning. 2020 could be the year where the Spanish put it all together though. Keep an eye out for Marco Asensio, Isco, and Saul in the midfield, as they could be the stuff of nightmares to come up against! David De Gea will look to shake off a poor World Cup and prove he is one of the best. Fundamentals and solid play will drive Spain through the tournament and could help restore them to their former glory.

That’s all I’ve got! What do you think? Who will be hosting the trophy come 2020? Let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to share and subscribe! Major thanks to Fredrik again for his great work. His Twitter is @F_edits, follow him! Have a great day and until next time, God bless!


  • Kevin Sall

    I can’t deny your predictions, especially when it comes to the French team. The young guns that blister the field with their speed and talent is a very realistic choice.
    Despite the fact that Belgium may be in their “Golden Generation” years, experience can be the difference maker in many contests. It may not even be desperation. It could be wisdom and patience that bring them to the top.
    The final one to comment on for me is the Netherlands, since my heritage comes from there. Like others in my family, I am always partial to them and hope they can make a run.

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