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Krzysztof Piątek: The Best Player You Haven’t Heard Of

Welcome back! Before I get into this article I just want to thank all of you for your support on my site! I am up to nearly 80 subscribers which is awesome! Thank you so much for your viewership and for helping to spread the word about my site! With all of that good stuff being said let’s dig into an article where I will be introducing you all to a player you may not have heard of! Let’s get this party started!

Who Is Krzysztof Piątek?

I’m guessing many of you have never heard of Krzysztof Piątek and if you have it may not be much more than simply a name of a player. For starters his name is roughly pronounced k-shish-tov pyon-tek which does not look anything like the spelling but Polish is a different animal I guess! Piątek plays striker for AC Milan and at 23 years old appears to be the heir apparent to Robert Lewandowski as the next internationally known Polish goal scorer.

How Piątek Got To AC Milan

Piątek started his career playing for a local club in Poland, earned a first team spot for Zagłębie Lubin and eventually moved to Cracovia. If your knowledge of Polish football is a little lacking like mine here are some pieces of random knowledge for you! Cracovia is the oldest club in Poland that is still in existence, having been founded in 1906. Their biggest rival is  Wisła Kraków and when the two teams square off the game is known as the “Holy War”, which sounds very intense and also a little terrifying! Cracovia is where Piątek made his name as a prolific striker. In the 2017-18 season, Krzysztof found the back of the net 21 times in 38 matches. He finished the season as the the third highest scorer in the Ekstraklasa and earned a $4.5 million dollar move to Genoa, who play in the Serie A.

Piątek began the 2018-19 season as a man on fire for Genoa. He was the first player in all of Europe’s major leagues to 10 goals and scored in his first 7 league games for the club. His name began to be tied to major clubs across Europe who needed a prolific striker. In only 21 games with Genoa, Piątek tallied 19 times! This past January, Genoa let their newfound star go to AC Milan for a reported $39.5 million. I would say that’s a pretty solid profit margin for only having a player for half a season!

Krzysztof Piątek: A Man On Fire!

With such a large move, Piątek caught the world’s eye and many wondered if he could live up to the expectations. I would say that so far, he sure has. In 5 games with Milan, Krzysztof has already scored 6 goals. With his hot form, AC Milan are looking to push up the table and crack the top 3 this season. Based on his success so far this season it’s certainly possible! Piątek has the ability to score with both his left and right as well as through the air. He is strong on the ball but is also quick enough to get past defenders and fire a shot. Piątek has got what it takes to win and score at the highest level. I fully believe that he will continue to have success with AC Milan and cement himself as a great player. Do you agree?

That’s all I’ve got for today! Feel free to share and subscribe! Tell me what you think in the comments! Will Piątek continue to succeed? I hope I was able to show you all a new player to keep tabs on! If you already had heard of Piątek I hope you learned something too! Have a great day! God bless! (Massive thanks to Fredrik again @F_Edits on Twitter with another great image!)


  • Kevin Sall

    You are correct in your guess that I have not heard of this player yet. I certainly would not have been able to pronounce it either. As I learn more about this game, I will be sure to look for him and determine if your predictions are accurate. Thanks for the info!

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