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Pulisic to Chelsea!

Hello everyone! In this post we will be taking a break from the recent Top 5 lists to take a look at some breaking news in the transfer market! Before we get started I want to say thank you for all the support on my site lately! Your subscriptions and post shares are so helpful to me! With that being said, let’s get started!

So What Happened?

As I rolled out of bed this morning, I checked my phone and had to blink twice at what I saw. Multiple notifications snapped me out of any possible dream haze with the the caption: AMERICAN STAR CHRISTIAN PULISIC TO CHELSEA! Personally, I am ecstatic about this signing as an American and a Chelsea fan it is a dream come true! I immediately got in touch with a few of my friends who are big soccer guys as well. The reactions were mixed to say the least, with myself and one friend being Chelsea fans and our other friend being a Manchester City supporter. The different views got me thinking and I want to get into this signing and discuss it! Let’s take a look at some positives and negatives of this transfer and feel free to let me know where you stand!

The Positives

My initial reaction to this transfer was very positive and I want to share why I think this is a good move for Chelsea, Pulisic, and American soccer as a whole. The first positive to this move is that Chelsea finally signed a target of theirs early in the transfer window. For those of you that may not know, football has transfer windows from either May/June-August and January. In those times, teams can buy and sell players to strengthen their squad or budget. Chelsea is often very active in the transfer window. However, they have missed out on players recently when it is clear they are trying to sign them. News outlets have been reporting Chelsea’s interest in Pulisic for a while so it’s good to see them get their man.

Besides signing a transfer target, signing Pulisic is a good move for Chelsea because he addresses needs in their team. He plays winger for Borussia Dortmund, and that is a position Chelsea need to address. Willian and Pedro are wingers for Chelsea and they are aging and haven’t played to their best this season. Pulisic will finish the season at Dortmund and come to Chelsea in the summer and fill a need in the team. He brings creativity and good skill on the ball, skills Chelsea have lacked at times this year.

This is also a huge move for Pulisic and American soccer. He has now made his move to a big club, showing that Americans are making a successful push with their young players to reach new heights. At 20 years old, Pulisic still has many years left to develop and Maurizio Sarri is the perfect manager to bring the best out of him. The Premier League is beginning to really take off in America, in terms of interest. Signing arguably the most well-known US player will only help that. Another winner in this signing is Nike, who sponsor Chelsea, Pulisic, and US Soccer. All three are now joined together and jersey sales could go through the roof.

The Cons

With all the positives being said, it’s important to look at some drawbacks as well. My Manchester City friend did a good job of pointing a few out so let’s review those as well. For starters, the transfer fee was very high. Chelsea paid roughly $73 million for a player that according to most Dortmund fans hasn’t even been the best winger on his own team. Many are saying that Jadon Sancho has outperformed the young American and they are not wrong. Hopefully Pulisic’s youth and positive traits will make the fee worth it. A second con is that his numbers have dropped off from last season. This may be due to Sancho’s great play cutting into his minutes, but it’s raising questions about Pulisic’s consistency.

Personally, I think these concerns are valid and it makes me a little nervous regarding this transfer. However, I am upbeat as a whole and I look forward to seeing my favorite American don the Chelsea kit! I think he is joining the team at the right time and the door is open for him to seize the opportunity!

Now it’s your turn! What do you think of this transfer? Will Pulisic succeed? Did Chelsea make a bad move? Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share and subscribe! Thank you to Fredrik @F_edits for his great work!


  • Kevin Sall

    Both points are valid – the pros and cons. One other con might be that another big name on an already high caliber team may be a difficult addition. I have seen this in other sporting arenas where a big name shifts to a great team, yet the team doesn’t really get any better and the new addition performs at a lower level. That may or may not happen in this case.
    My opinion is that this was a good move for Chelsea, despite the fee, since Pulisic can potentially fill a need that the team has. Only time will tell as to what will happen in this case!

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