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Top 10 Soccer Teams You Should Be Watching Right Now

I have been a soccer fan for my entire life. My family has been fans of the sport from before I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are centered on the sport. I remember watching World Cup finals, scoring my first goal, and even specific goals scored by my favorite players. However, with all the soccer I have experienced, I have learned that there are many people who don’t share that same feeling about the beautiful game. Well lucky for you, here I am to spread the love of football or soccer or whatever you want to call it! Here are the top ten teams you should be watching if you want to see beautiful soccer (THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

#1- Manchester City

This hurts to write as a Chelsea fan, but City are so dominant and fun to watch. Their star studded lineup, paired with the footballing genius that is Pep Guardiola at manager, form the perfect combo. Even people that don’t enjoy soccer very much, could watch City shred opposing defenses with perfect precision. They are truly a well-oiled machine and a pleasure to view. Player to watch: Sergio Aguero, the Argentinian striker scores goals for fun and is simply one of the best goal scorers in Premier League history.

#2- Liverpool

A second Premier League side that are just a treat to see, Liverpool earn a spot on this list. Their attacking prowess is second to none, they basically score for fun. For all the goals they score, Liverpool also do a great job of defending. Jurgen Klopp is a charismatic, energetic manager who is enough entertainment on his own. His side line celebrations and antics seem to feed his team as they play. They are also well backed financially, which helps them bring in star studded players to push for trophies. Player to watch: Mohamed Salah, the “Prince of Egypt” is one of the fastest players on earth. His nose for goal makes him a major threat and constant entertainment.

#3- Chelsea

Okay this it for English teams I swear! Of course I had to put my favorite team on this list, they’re fantastic! New manager Maurizio Sarri has brought a beautiful, captivating style of play with him from Italy. Intricate passing and dynamic wing play make up the majority of Chelsea’s play. “Sarri-ball” as it is called has fans glued to their screen, simply because the new Chelsea style of play creates many goal scoring opportunities. They dominate possession and put the ball in the back of the net often. In their last six games, Chelsea have scored at least three goals in five of those six matches. Player to watch: Eden Hazard, this one is no contest. The Belgian magician is simply one of the best players in the world and can change a game in a matter of seconds.

#4- Paris Saint-Germain

The top side in France, PSG are a dominant force. Loaded to the brim with world class talent, the Parisians have won five of the last six Ligue 1 titles. Although this domestic success hasn’t translated internationally just yet, PSG is still a strong, intimidating side. They play free-flowing, attacking football and are known to carve their opposition to shreds when they have possession. With an immense financial backing, Paris is absolutely loaded and are a force to be reckoned with whenever they take the field. Player to watch: Neymarand this was difficult to pick. I could have gone with Kylian Mbappe, but since I already wrote about him I’ll give it to Neymar. The Brazilian is truly gifted on the ball and is one of the best players on this earth. Just look him up on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean!

#5- Borussia Dortmund

This statement rings true more than ever this year, given Dortmund’s great success. To put it simply, Dortmund is fun to watch because they score a lot! I mean who doesn’t like goals? Whenever I run into people who don’t like soccer, they say it’s because the sport is boring and slow. In response to that I would have to say, if you think soccer is boring then watch Borussia Dortmund! They play intricate and explosive football that is driven by one thing, putting the ball in the back of the net. Who wouldn’t want to watch goals? Player to watch: Marco ReusDortmund’s captain, always commands attention. When he can stay healthy he is one of the most talented players in the Bundesliga, if not the world.

#6- Juventus

If you add Cristiano Ronaldo to your team, you belong on this list. That’s exactly what Juventus did. They have dominated Italian football for years and adding one of the best players of all time will definitely help your cause. Juve is simply dominant and loaded to the gills with star players. Well-known for an iron wall in defense, the attack is not to be outdone. Through eleven games this season, Juve have scored 24 times. That is a great ratio! If a team is averaging over two goals a game, chances are they are winning quite a few games! Player to watch: Cristiano Ronaldo, as stated earlier Ronaldo always deserves our attention. He is simply one of the best players of right now and all time. He is right there with Lionel Messi in that regard.

#7- Barcelona

Speaking of Messi, Barcelona definitely deserves a spot on this list! They currently sit in first place in La Liga this season and look well set to claim at least one trophy this year. Barca play a beautiful style of footy infused with Spanish flair. Quick passing and precise movement captivate even the non-fan and also opposing defenses. Barcelona is averaging nearly 3 goals a game! That is attacking dominance, even if their defense has struggled a little this year. Player to watch: Lionel Messi, it had to be him. In my opinion, he is the most naturally gifted player on this earth and maybe the best player of all time. Don’t agree with me? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

#8- Atlanta United FC

I may catch a little flack for this because Atlanta United is not a European side. However, as an American I have to give props to this side. Atlanta is something different than what most MLS teams are. Built around young and electric talent, Atlanta routinely blows past opponents. They are currently battling through the MLS playoffs, which is just America’s way to make the MLS unique and more appealing to the common American fan. But that’s a story for another time. The fact is Atlanta is just incredible to watch because they attack, attack, and attack. Player to watch: Josef Martinez, this guy is absolutely phenomenal. He has 31 goals in 35 games this season for Atlanta, which shattered the record for most goals in a season in the MLS. When he is on the ball, watch out!

#9- Olympique Lyon

PSG isn’t the only dynamic French team that commands attention if Lyon has something to say about it. Although not as rich as PSG in terms of investment, their quality on the field is undeniable. They are a young team that plays with high energy and a will to attack. This can leave them open at the back sometimes, but that makes their games close and fun to watch! They probably won’t win Ligue 1 this year, simply because of PSG’s dominance but they are definitely worth watching. Player to watch: Memphis Depay, the Dutch forward is rebuilding his career after struggling at Manchester United. Nabil Fekir is another player to keep an eye on, but the goals will come from Depay.

#10- RB Leipzig

Another young team on the rise, Leipzig are a potential title challenger in the Bundesliga this season. Their strength is their speed. With youthful, fresh legs Leipzig flies around the field. Their speed not only helps their attack but also their defense. They have given up the least amount of goals in the Bundesliga this year. That strong defense gives them a crazy counter attack ability. Many of their goals come from their ability to play long balls to their fast forwards. If you like fast, Leipzig is for you. Player to watch: Timo Werner, appropriately nicknamed the Burner for how fast he is. Werner is Leipzig’s main man when it comes to the forward position and he has already started to make his name for the German national team.

What do you think of my list? Did I miss any teams? Feel free to let me know in the comments and don’t forget share and subscribe! Thank you to Fredrik @F_edits for another great image!


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