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Is the Usain Bolt Hype Reasonable?

If I were to walk up to you and say Usain Bolt, what image pops into your head? My guess is that many people see him flying down a track winning Olympic sprints with ease. Bolt was a dominate sprinter leading up to his retirement and was crucial to much of Jamaica’s success in the Olympic games. Is it time for our image of Usain Bolt to change though? According to the man himself, it’s time we look past him as an Olympic sprinter and view him as a footballer.

Bolt is currently in Australia playing soccer for the Central Coast Mariners on trial. In a match for the club, Bolt started at striker and found the back of the net twice. This has thrown the footballing world into hysterics. Is Bolt the real deal? Are we experiencing our own version of the baseball movie, The Rookie? Bolt is essentially a 32 year old rookie trying to live out his boyhood dream. Rumors are swirling that a club in Malta has offered Bolt a contract to help them try and challenge in Champions League. Although this may just be a press move to generate interest in the club, this club may actually view Bolt as an asset! So is there any fire to go with this smoke? Does Bolt have the tools to succeed? Let me give you my thoughts.

Usain Bolt is one of the most gifted athletes ever. He has spectacular physical tools and has already put them to use on the field. In a trial match with Central Coast, Bolt’s first goal put those tools on full display. Bolt was played through on goal and used his speed and strength to hold off a defender. He then took the ball on his left foot and hit a clean half volley in to the bottom corner. The other goal Bolt scored that night was a simple tap in after a mistake from the opposition. Throughout the game Bolt showed his incredible pace and used his height well. However it goes without saying that Bolt’s game has some flaws.

As you would expect from someone who hasn’t played soccer as a full professional, Bolt isn’t the most technically refined. His dribbling needs work as does his passing. These things can be practiced and Bolt has shown improvement but he still has a ways to go in that department. Although he smashed a solid volley in, his finishing is also inconsistent. Bolt could have scored roughly five goals if he had taken his chances better. If Bolt can develop his touch and finishing I believe there is a chance for him to play professionally. Personally, I think it is fantastic to see Bolt chasing his dreams and having some success. I would love to see him break through and play at a professional level. Come on wouldn’t that be cool!?


So what do you think of all this Bolt hype? Feel free to let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share and subscribe! Until next time, have a great day and God bless!

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  • Kevin

    I saw some of that footage of him scoring and celebrating – pretty awesome!
    There is no doubt – that guy is lightning no matter what playing field you put him on!
    Don’t forget too that he is like 6’5″ and can jump, so whether his foot work needs work or not – just center that puppy and let him sprint to where it is played so he can put his noggin on it and get some header goals!
    Personally, I love how he is able to go from the track to the field. Too often we see a player in a certain arena and forget that they are athletes and can become dominate in other areas because their bodies are finely tuned machines!

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