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U-21 Talents To Keep An Eye On (Part 2)

I received quite a bit of positive feedback on my last U-21 article so I figured I’d write another! Buckle up and hold on because we’re going to look at five more top prospects to keep tabs on. Here we go:

#1- Willem Geubbels, AS Monaco (France) Winger, France

Monaco has a history for cranking out young talent like there’s no tomorrow. Players like Kylian Mbappe, Fabinho, and James Rodriguez owe much of their fame to Monaco. Sixteen year old Willem Geubbels is looking to add his name to that impressive list. He joined Monaco from Olympique Lyon for a staggering $23 million, which is unheard of for such a young player. He boasts solid technical skills for a player his age and is very quick on his feet. Geubbels draws comparisons to Anthony Martial for his play and ability on the wing. Only time will tell if he reaches his potential. Although he is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury, expect Geubbels to be a name on the radar of many European clubs.

#2- Callum Hudson-Odoi, Chelsea (England) Winger, England

After an electric preseason, where he dominated multiple defenders, Hudson-Odoi signed a new contract with Chelsea. However, he is yet to see the field for the senior team. Currently, he plays in the Premier League 2 for Chelsea waiting for his chance. Hudson-Odoi has flashed a wide range of skills that are absolutely tantalizing to watch. Incredibly quick and gifted on the ball, defenders hate to see Hudson-Odoi burning down the wing. Chelsea have a long track record of alienating young talent and letting them go because they won’t give them enough game time. Romelu Lukaku, Mohamed Salah, and Kevin De Bruyne were all Chelsea players that weren’t given enough game time. They went elsewhere and became stars. Chelsea cannot let that happen to Hudson-Odoi.

#3- Josh Sargent, SV Werder Bremen (Germany) ST, USA

Mandatory, potentially overrated American prospect time! You all should come to expect this by now. Sargent has already earned the support of his manager and is currently tearing it up on the second team of Werder Bremen. He has the potential to be called up into the first team soon. Sargent flew through the ranks of the U.S. Men’s National Team. In one calendar year, he played for the U-17 side, the U-20’s and the senior mens team. He also scored at all three levels and is one of the youngest goal scorers in the history of the USMNT. I’m sure you all are sick of hearing about Americans that I force into this list but I appreciate the fact that you humor me. USA!! USA!! U-S-A!!

#4- Hassane Bandé, Ajax (Netherlands) Forward, Burkina Faso

So far in my U-21 profiles, I have looked at eight other players. I have yet to highlight an Ajax player and that is almost criminal. The Dutch football giants crank out top players like there is no tomorrow. Bandé is looking to add his name to that talented list and I believe he has all the tools to do so. Blessed with incredible pace and technical abilities, it’s no wonder Ajax signed the forward this summer. Although he went down this preseason with a fractured fibula, I expect Bandé to come back with a vengeance and make his name known across Europe and the world.

#5- Myziane Maolida, OGC Nice (France) ST, France

I have just realized that all of the players I have featured in this article are attackers. If the feedback on this article is positive, my next U-21 highlight article will focus on defense, alright? With that out of the way, it’s time to focus on Myziane Maolida. He was another sale by Olympique Lyon this past summer, which is a confusing on their part. OGC Nice wasted no time shelling out about $10.4 million for the youngster and it’s easy to see why. Maolida can play across the whole front line and has electric speed and dribbling qualities. He is also a playmaker, which he has displayed so far this season with three assists. Barcelona are apparently keeping an eye on him and that means you’ve got some quality about you.

Five more young talents in the books! What do you think of my list? Will these players hit it big or fall short? Feel free to let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to share and subscribe! Until next time God bless 🙂

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