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Why Jose Mourinho’s Time at Manchester United Needs to End

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Why Jose Mourinho Needs to Leave Manchester United

The city of Manchester is completely divided right now. Seemingly half of the city is thrilled over Manchester City being top of the table after seven games. The other half is not in a place remotely near that. Frustration has set in for United fans because they are nine points behind after seven games. Although it is only a nine point gap from City to United, their fans could not be farther apart. The rift between Mourinho and his players is growing before our eyes and things just don’t look good. I’m going to get into three reasons as to why Mourinho needs part ways with United for the better of both parties.

Reason #1- He’s Lost the Dressing Room

The recent string of lackluster performances by United show the fractured relationship between boss and players. His public spats with Paul Pogba are embarrassing to see. Mourinho has stripped Pogba of his captaincy, reportedly banned him from speaking to the media, and dropped him for the Carabao Cup match against Derby County. They also lost that game on penalties which knocked them out of the cup. He’s also driven away quality players like Anthony Martial and recently allowed Luke Shaw back into the squad after pushing him out. These public disputes with players are showing up on the scoreline especially recently. In the last four games, United has drawn two games and lost two. On paper they could have potentially won all four! Mourinho is losing his players and it’s becoming painfully obvious.

Reason #2- He’s Lost the Fans

Ever since Mourinho arrived at United, it seems he’s been on edge with the fans. His style of play is one of defense first and offense after that. This style has never sat well with the fans. They have clamored for goals and have not received them. Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has recently taken to the media against Mourinho. He called Mourinho “embarrassing to the club”, and said “his mouth is out of control”. In the Premier League, when you possess the financial backing of United, the last thing fans want to see is 0-0 draws for a point. United are one of the wealthiest clubs in the world and have all the resources to craft a winner. The fans know it and are fed up with the defense above all mentality of Mourinho.

Reason #3- He’s Destroying His Own Image

Jose Mourinho has been a quality manager for years now. When he first broke onto the scene with SL Benfica and Porto in Portugal, his style of play was revolutionary. It landed him a job at Chelsea, then Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea again, and now Manchester United. He is truly one of football’s greatest minds and is one of the best at making changes on the fly. Unfortunately, his public spats with the media, players, and fans are making that irrelevant. When people see Mourinho, a sullen man pops into their head. At least that’s what appears in mine. Mourinho is breaking his own image of the fantastic manager he was and still is. The year three curse has struck again and it is vicious. His tactics are turning on him and he is destroying the image of a fantastic manager that he is.


The third year curse of Mourinho appears to have struck at United. His tactics and methods push players to the breaking point and many of them do. For the best of both parties, United and Mourinho need to part ways. The players and fans want it to happen. Personally I don’t see Jose making it to Christmas, if the results continue the way they have. The time has come for this manager/team relationship to end.

So what do you think? Is it time for Mourinho and Man United to part ways? Let me know in the comments and feel free to share and subscribe! Until then God bless!

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